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Grand Unification - excerpt 1
Grand Unification - excerpt 2
Grand Unification - excerpt 3
Grand Unification - excerpt 4
File under: free improvisation

Milford Graves

Grand Unification

Label: Tzadik

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Professor, herbalist and healer, Milford Graves is first and foremost one of the world's great geniuses of the drum. Rarely heard live, even more rarely found in the studio, a new recording by Milford Graves is a special event. Long overdue, this is the CD that free jazz fans and every drummer in the world has been waiting for: his music for solo drums. Intense, shooting off in all directions at once and yet always firmly rooted in the tradition, Tzadik is proud to release this important and historic solo recording by one of the world's legendary drum masters.

File under: free improvisation
Cat. number: TZ7030
Year: 2000

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