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I Can Wait - Excerpt 1
I Can Wait - Excerpt 2
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Left Hand Cuts Off The Right

I Can Wait (Tape)

Label: Oaken Palace

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

In stock


** Edition of 100. 2021 Stock ** Oaken Palace Records proudly presents I Can Wait, a new full-length album by Left Hand Cuts off the Right (aka Robbie Judkins), a sombre but comforting, beautifully drifting set of four pieces for zither, melodica, synth and mbira. The quartet of tracks was recorded in 2018 but appears now as a timely sonic missive that absorbs a sense of individual uncertainties amid a collapsing wider world, but provides a response that reaches out to create a haven of calm, reflective resonance.

Robbie says of the recordings, “During bouts of depression I have found playing simple, repetitive and attentive melodies to help - it allows me to focus on listening and playing in a reciprocal way. This has often evolved into me developing and adapting these pieces to become listening experiences at times when my mind needs to be somewhere else.” The album unfolds serenely over thirty-five minutes, constructed of faint chiming, delicate drones and soft crackles. Patient and meditative, it gives the impression of computers in an office talking to each other quietly at night-time, or road-sweepers and rubbish lorries murmuring in their sleep, the peaceful breathing of a tired city.

Left Hand Cuts Off The Right dedicates OAK-019, I Can Wait, to the Pied Tamarin (Sanguinus bicolor), a critically endangered monkey whose home in a small area of the Brazilian Amazon is severely threatened by deforestation and habitat destruction. All proceeds from tape sales will be donated to its conservation and protection. 

Cat. number: OAK-019
Year: 2020

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