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II / The Blue

Label: Silence Records

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

In stock

First reissue of the second Kebnekajse album, originally issued on Silence in 1973. "It was something in the air," said Kenny Håkansson in the booklet to their first album Resa Mot Okänt Mål (Journey to Destination Unknown). He was then referring to the Swedish lyrics and the name of the group. In the early '70s Swedish folk music was also "in the air." The progressive rock history book Scented Gardens Of The Mind says of this time-period: "...a clear change of direction towards a new kind of Swedish folk-rock with fiddle and electric guitar to the fore, but it also added the hot African percussion of Hassan Bah and jazzy experimentation." This is exactly the type of recording Kebnekajse hoped for with their second release: country fiddles flirting with jazz rock and plenty of African beats.
Cat. number: SRSCD 3608CD
Year: 2010

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