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Träd, Gräs Och Stenar (excerpt)


Festen På Gärdet (2Lp)

Label: Silence Records

Format: 2LP

Genre: Psych



* Limited Edition of 700 copies. 180 grams black vinyl. Gatefold cover, printed innerbags. Comes with a 6-page booklet.* Silence present a reissue of legendary live album from Sweden's own Woodstock, Gärdesfesterna, the start of the Swedish alternative music movement. It's hard to imagine an album with a greater symbolic significance than the 2LP set ”Festen på Gärdet”, recorded at the second of the two festivals held at the Gärdet field in Stockholm in 1970, with Träd Gräs Och Stenar and especially Bo Anders Persson as the driving force behind them both.  Those festivals are often regarded as the starting point of the music movement. It's convenient having a fixed date of course, but as with any historical event, it was the product of a process, with one thing evolving into something else. So while the date isn't historically valid, the Gärdet festivals' importance to the music movement is unquestionable. This was the first time that several of the soon to be most important bands presented themselves to a larger audience. Most bands didn't have a record contact at the time, and some of them would never get one, such as Det Europeiska Missnöjets Grunder and Låt Tredje Örat Lyssna In & Tredje Benet Stampa Takten.

Cat. number: SRSBX 3500LP
Year: 2021

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