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Stefano Gentile, Gigi Masin

Il silenzio dei tuoi passi

Label: Silentes

Format: CD + Book

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

"Another luxurious CD in book’s clothing here on the 13 / silentes label, which specialises in combined music and photography into one hopefully cohesive entity. This is the second thing now involving Italian veteran relaxer Gigi Masin, this time accompanying photography by Stefano Gentile. While the matt black book contains 68 pages of some nice dusky imagery of a european city centre to immerse yourself into, I’m gonna concentrate on Gigi Masin’s 30 minute suite that’ll be doing the other immersion thing with your ears. It’s pretty damn beautiful. Luckily, he’s one of those calm musicians that doesn’t smother you with yawning, slowly evolving chords that we’ve heard over and over and over in ambient. There’s an element of it, but it swells, rises and falls in a very natural and tantalising way, remaining quite airy, like the swell of a distant ocean. In the foreground, however, we have piano and guitar explorations that are much like his last one for this label, some of the guitar phrases repeating slowly but obviously while the piano keeps unfurling with new twinkles all in a frozen major key. Some breathy voice glides into view during the second half which is just so melty. If I hadn’t had so much coffee and now need the toilet like crazy, I’d be completely paralysed right now and unable to write this review. Unfortunately you’re stuck with me, at least until the end of this sentence." (Norman Records)

Cat. number: sps1618
Year: 2016