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F/Ear This! (2CD + Booklet)

Label: Stella*Nera, Silentes, Dethector

Format: 2CD + Booklet

Genre: Experimental

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F/Ear This! was originally a double album compiled at the end of 1986 and released in 1987 by PEACE, a completely informal gathering of ziners, activists, musical groups and small Italian record labels which included Blu Bus (Franti, etc.), Particolare Music (Plasticost), Rockgarage, Trax (Vittore Baroni, Piermario Ciani, etc.), Ut / communications (Giacomo Spazio), Catfood Press (Marco Pandin) and Tunnel Records (Detonazione).

Marco Pandin was responsible for collecting the material. The idea for the title had come to Vittore Baroni, who also assembled a 28-page A4 booklet using in part some of the graphic material sent to him by the various musicians participating to the compilation, and in part using images taken from the Trax archives. F/Ear This! was released on vinyl and also on cassette. All the proceeds were destined to support A/Rivista Anarchica.

"It was decided to not reveal the list of participants on the cover: this was not going to be a 'regular' compilation. The idea behind F/Ear This! was to put together - asking for help from friends musicians, graphic artists and poets scattered all around the world - contributions connected, or somehow linkable, to a common theme: "fear". Fear was something we all lived and shared, like being poisoned and feeden black bread on a daily basis: let's do something then, let's protest, let's turn the volume up. We tried to spread the news and rally, to pass the word and share the sense of alarm.

The work done then was digitally reproduced, respecting its integrity as much as possible. The audio was restored from the original reels and cassettes, and some tracks which were originally left out were added. The new layout includes a 48-page 8x8" booklet with original artworks and also some new works done for this edition."

Cat. number: F/EAR202001
Year: 2020

Includes a 48-page 8" booklet, 300 copies

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