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02 709 ( elec + g )
04 516 ( bs, flutephone + tt )
05 544 ( bs, elec + tt )
07 930 ( bs + elec + tt, g )
08 511 (bs, flutephone + tt )

Mats Gustafsson, Otomo Yoshihide

Duo / Timing

Label: Doubtmusic

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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** 2021 Stock ** it is intense duo, open-recorded at GOK Sound, Kichijoji on 2018. After 2 years it materialized on CD work at all. Mats Gustafsson's strongest baritone saxophone, self-made instrument called “flutephone”, reed with flute and electronics focusing recent years, and Otomo Yoshihide’s turntables, guitar, banjo…those are motivated intertwined. it’s excellent performance! It’s a very long time Otomo’s turntables work. Is was one-shot recording, no editting, no overdubbing. Mats nemed “Timing” to this CD title. This title is exactly symbolizes those improvisation. We would like you to listen this improvisation by bigger speakers with roar. It’s confident and in-depth music! Played by : Mats Gustafsson - Baritone sax, flutephone and electronics Otomo Yoshihide - turntables, guitar and banjo. Recorded by Yoshiaki Kondoh ( GOK Sound ). Mixed by Otomo Yoshihide. Mastered by Shigeki Nakamura. Cover designed by Satoshi Suzuki. Linernote by Manabu Yuasa, Mats Gustafsson, Otomo Yoshihide and Jun Numata ( doubtmusic ). English and Japanese.

I’m always in the mood to hear nameless music. It’s that kind of music. - from Manabu Yuasa, music critic linernotes

Cat. number: dmf-172
Year: 2020

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