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After Seijaku (excerpt 1)
After Seijaku (excerpt 2)

Seijaku, Keiji Haino

After Seijaku (2CD)

Label: Doubtmusic

Format: CDx2

Genre: Experimental

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The Seijaku Trio of Keiji Haino (electronics, guitar, voice), Mitsuru Nasuno (bass, electronics) and Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (electronics), recording 2 years after the "Last Live" album, in an epic voyage of meditative and intricate electronics performed live in Tokyo in 2014 at Club Goodman. As "Last Live" explains, Yoshimitsu Ichiraku can no longer play drums due to physical issues, necessitating this transformation from a heavy abstract blues band into this ritualistic trio. It's a fitting and easy transition for a Haino band, as mystery and journey accompany his music. Over two long sections the trio transports the listener with a combination of conventional instrumentation, particularly Nasuno's bass, surrounded by rich harmonic tones, as though evoking ancient history with beauty and menace at all sides. As thoughtful as Seijaku could be agressive, this is a voyage to immerse oneself in, a jewel in the Haino discography.


Cat. number: dmf-158-159
Year: 2015

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