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Akira Sakata

The Tale Of The Heike

Label: Doubtmusic

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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An epic concept album narrated and performed by Akira Sakata, Heike Monogatari ("Tale of the Heike") is the most disturbing entry so far in the DoubtMusic catalogue. This work is an expression of the philosophy of impermanence. It's also a vision of Hell. Woodwinds signify madness. Bells accentuate silence. And Sakata's voice unleashes a phantasmagoric torrent of shomyo (Japanese Tantric Buddhist chanting), death metal growls, and pure pandemonium. Is he serious? Or not? One thing is certain: This heavy, doom-laden, historical-picture-scroll of an album isn't likely to get any play at a fashionable jazz bar or café! DO NOT let children listen to this CD - it may cause serious trauma. Featuring liner notes by Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan).

"This is the kind of album Osaka natives might describe as do-aho ("totally insane"). Super do-aho. Do-aho to the max. Play it loud and children will shriek, monkeys will dance, mice will run, horses will whinny, cows will drool, lions will roar, dragons will rage, and the sky will split and the earth will crack and the seas will burn, and every listener's soul will be shaken, and musicians all over the world will experience agonizing jealousy. It's an incredible masterpiece that will make you cry a river of tears. The hidden Great Demon of classical Japanese art has been unleashed. Oh, how I waited so long for a work like this. Anarchy!!!"-Hirofumi Tanaka

Cat. number: dms-142
Year: 2011

Recorded at GOK Sound, Kichijoji on 4 and 26 August. Thanks to Toru Watanabe (Rinsen Inc.)

Digipak with 8 page booklet of photos and liner notes in Japanese and English.

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