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D.D.T. - excerpt 1
D.D.T. - excerpt 2
D.D.T. - excerpt 3

Akira Emoto, Akira Sakata


Label: Bridge Inc.

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Akira Sakata is a legendary Japanese jazz musician active since the early 70s (Yosuke Yamashita Trio, Akira Sakata Trio) and also an ocean-biologist. Among others he has toured and recorded with The Thing, Jim O’Rourke, Bill Laswell, Merzbow, Chikamorachi, etc.
On this album originally released in 1985 he teamed up with vocalist Akira Emoto to create an incredible record which is rooted in Jazz and explores an entire world of sounds. You got to listen to believe it! 

Cat. number: BRIDGE-119
Year: 2019

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