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Horyu-ji - excerpt 1
Horyu-ji - excerpt 2
Horyu-ji - excerpt 3
Horyu-ji - excerpt 4
File under: free improvisation

**300 copies** Hōryū-ji, or else, the Learning Temple of the Flourishing Law is one of the powerful Seven Great Buddhist Temples in Japan. Hōryū-ji is built with entasis, which - in architecture - is the application of a convex curve to a surface for aesthetic purposes. It also serves an engineering function regarding strength, the key word of this collaboration that brought together Sakata, Yermenoglou, Di Domenico and Damianidis in a two-days live concert meeting in Duende jazz club at Thessaloniki in May 2018. The record is the outcome of the second day, fifty minutes of pure improvisation exactly as it happened, capturing the magic and essence of the moment. A great memory of intense, free, open and spiritual music without boundaries.


Akira Sakata: vocals, clarinet, alto saxophone, bells
Christos Yermenoglou: drums, percussion
Giovanni di Domenico: piano
Giotis Damianidis: guitar

File under: free improvisation
Cat. number: MN 004
Year: 2019

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