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Don Kapot - excerpt 1
Don Kapot - excerpt 2
Don Kapot - excerpt 3
Don Kapot - excerpt 4

Don Kapot

Don Kapot (LP)

Label: Mr. Nakayasi

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**300 copies**  Mr. Nakayasi releases the Don Kapot debut album. The group consists of baritone saxophonist Viktor Perdieus, Giotis Damianidis (this time not as a guitarist, but as a bassist) and drummer Jakob Warmenbol. The last two can also be found together in Abschattungen, Giovanni Di Domenico's big band. In other combinations the three cross each other separately with Nest and Punk Kong, among others. On Don Kapot we note parallels with Morphine in top gear, especially because of the way that the group generates a maximum effect with minimal means. This mainly sounds like an unpolished mix of Dans Dans and MDCIII with an hidden reference to Afro-beat and Albert Ayler. The album collects six tracks in twenty-six minutes, but what an impact! As a listener you get the impression that Don Kapot knock you out, before overloading you with sweet jazz dreams. This is definitely a group tp keep an eye on.

Cat. number: MN 003
Year: 2018

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