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Hijokaidan, Akira Sakata

Made In Studio

Label: Doubtmusic

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Jojo Hiroshide (guitar), T.Mikawa (electronics), Fumio Kosakai (electronics), Junko (voice), Futoshi Okano (drums), Akira Sakata (alto sax). This CD is studio recording after 8 years from their The Last Recording Album and a first recording CD since Okano Futoshi (ds) joined Hijokaidan. In this CD, especially, Sakata Akira blows intensely in all tunes. This 24 track analogue recording reveal their so-called meta-noise music. A tune all member play about 30 minutes, rare Junko (vo) and Sakata duo tune, Incapacitants (T.Mikawa + Kosakai) + Sakata tune and Jojo Hiroshige + Junko + Okano + Sakata track are included on this CD. You can listen various noise music on ! Digipack cover (parody of Deep Purple cover, dedicated to Jon Lord !). 20 pages all color booklet - liner notes by Yasumichi Noma (author of 'Hijokaidan - a story of the king of noise') and Jun Numata (in Japanese and English).

Cat. number: dmf-147
Year: 2012
Recorded at GOK Sound, Tokyo on 28th July, 2012.
Comes with obi and twenty-page booklet of photographs and liner notes in Japanese and English.