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In A Wild Sanctuary - excerpt 1
In A Wild Sanctuary - excerpt 2
In A Wild Sanctuary - excerpt 3
In A Wild Sanctuary - excerpt 4
File under: Early Electronic

Beaver & Krause

In A Wild Sanctuary / Gandharva / All Good Men (2CD)

Label: Righteous

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

In stock


A double CD collecting three classic albums from Beaver & Krause’s Warner Brothers period circa 1970-1972, featuring the celebrated Moog-friendly collaborators’ quirky mix of early electronics, found sound and musical dalliances from Blues to Soul and Rock to Gospel.

Featuring the seminal “In A Wild Sanctuary” (1970), the haunting “Gandharva” (1971) and the wonky pop of “All Good Men” (1972), underlining the indelible mark the duo made on contemporary music. Filtering Scott Joplin and Bach through the Jazz groove of Bud Shank and Gerry Mulligan with the roar of lions and overheard dialogue alongside the futuristic swirl of all-new synthesised sound.

Completely remastered from the original sound sources, with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine’s Dave Henderson.



Cat. number: PSALM2393D
Year: 2019

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