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Where Is This

Infinite Hum

Label: The Tapeworm

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Intense, squally noise drones from Dublin's Where Is This, his first for The Tapeworm. To date Mark Ward aka 'Where Is This' has released a slew of his own recordings on his Bored Bear label, along with countless others by the likes of Black Orgasm, Piss Gag, Female Harikiri and other such friendly-monikered miscreants. His 'Inifinite Hum' opens The Tapeworm's 2014 catalogue with a bracing 20 minute blast of viscous, vicious white noise licking up high peaks of blizzard-like distortion in hypnotic, oncoming waves. 'Infinite Hiss' is more varied, redolent of Kevin Drumm's more pensive pieces modulating between gloaming, chamber-like drones, near-silent passages and filtered noise washes with a stoic sense of control, whereas 'Infinite Howl' returns to sustained, prickly, abyss-screaming noise.

Cat. number: TTW#62
Year: 2014

This cassette is a product of The Tapeworm – "…none of them Lincoln ladyboys for you!" TTW#61, copyright 2014 The Tapeworm. Edition of 150 copies.