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La Langue de l'Ophiolite - Excerpt 1
La Langue de l'Ophiolite - Excerpt 2

Yann Gourdon, Filipe Felizardo

La Langue de l'Ophiolite (LP)

Label: Trás-Os-Montes Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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This configuration of a duo composed by Yann Gourdon (Vielle à Roue, or Hurdy-Gurdy) and Filipe Felizardo (guitar&amp) is the result of a mutual invitation which occurred already seven years ago. In January of 2020, thanks to Trás-os-Montes Records, both musicians had the chance to finally meet and play almost without interruption for three days, proving to one another that their intuitions and hearts were in place - always converging the density of the timbric and poetic languages of both their very idiosyncratic instrumentation into a point of all returns.

From here, with the drones that come from a committed study of duration, harmonic thermodynamics - when they play it is like a microtonal maelstrom -, and the delicious mistakes that come from stubborn endurance and repetition, they propose an immanent move to where one can look and hear as if becoming the top of a hill, with a 360º sight and audition, where the blind spots of the optic or sonic nerves are the serpentine vector of ecstatic truth both musicians seek to establish with the audience. All music by Yann Gourdon and Filipe Felizardo. Recording and mixing by Yann Gourdon. Cover Photography by André Cepeda. Cover/booklet design by Filipe Felizardo and André Cepeda. Ophiolite Breath 1&2 photography by Filipe Felizardo. Inlay photography by André Príncipe. Interview conducted by Jean-Jacques Palix. Executive Production: Elisa Cepeda

Cat. number: TMR‡02
Year: 2021

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