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Format: 2xCDr

Genre: Rock

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About 1 hour and a half of droning doom/ dark ambient on 2 cd in a de luxe handmade packaging by Luigi Mennella. As a long, phlegmatic journey towards annihilation, "Mantricoom" opens the door to a new perception of the union of ecstatic rapture and pain. With this rotten, obsessive, lysergic double album Croce (ex-keyboard player from metal combo Power Symphony) starts a new path among the meanders of the most viral sludge core, the meditative drone doom and a post-industrial sound corroded by paranoid electronics and dark ambient minimalism.

From the author himself:
"Mantricoom" is a deep journey into the Self, a journey of consciousness from the branches of thoughts to the roots of the I, from the roots underneath to the branches above. It's meditation of doom and a constant search in which many questions arise and the thought of the stoic act always hovers. "Mantricoom" is partially inspired by Christopher Isherwood's "The wishing tree".

'Mini-gatefold' replica consisting of:
openable gatefold cover, double vinyl-look cd-r in glossy holed envelope + old-style b&w insert.
co-production between Selenophonia and new born label Dusty Buddha Recordings
Cat. number: DBR1
Year: 2014