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Greg Davis

Mutually Arising

Label: Kranky

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Davis' second album for Kranky following 2004's Somnia. Features two tracks over 51 minutes, "Cosmic Mundra" is a subtle & slowly changing circle, a sun, the sun, the moon. Not the Arpeggio Minimalists, rather: the quiet time stretchers of long tones & long tones sustained & hyper-sustained until buzz value outweighs pitch, sounds seeming to fly around the screen, hyper-spiritual with hardly a word. "Hall of Pure Bliss" is a chord and all sorts of wonderful sounds which live to its left and right. Low is left and high is right and then the travelling hisses swim on either side of this imagined keyboard in glitter-space.
Cat. number: krank132cd
Year: 2009

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