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Narki Goes Into Orbo


Format: Vinyl LP

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A mysterious 1981 cassette masterpiece from Narki Brillans (The Homosexuals)  from the It's War Boys catalogue available now on LP. Remastered from the original tapes by Narki himself! There are more than half a million piece of space junk floating above the earth, and of all of them, there's only one or two that I'd rescue for the benefit of the human race. You know, when you think of all those dreadful Time Capsules and other vainglorious and redundant trivia - if you are someone of a discerning mind, one eye on the eternal fastnesses of our mighty Galaxy (only a suburb really, which is surely what makes David Bowie's Space Oddity so very effecting for those of us born in the petit bourgeois utopia of the post-war world), the other on the profoundly mysterious internal life of the individual, the essentially irrelevant nonentity which our so called culture has puffed up and reshaped with the vision of an expert sculptor into the soi-disant Self – well then, if you are of such a mind, well then I say it's my firmly held belief (one which I will carry to my grave, which I hope may be out there in Space, with Bowie and Meek's masterpieces alternating with a selection of out takes from the television series 'Lost in Space' starring the immortal Jonathan Harris – 'Spare me the compliments, Major!') that the only object really worth a candle among the essentially infinite objects floating in the upper atmosphere is that recording made by Narki Brillans which, if everyone in the chain does what they said they'll do and if my predictions for our future are correct, the reader of this transcript will soon hold in their hands.

    Four color sleeve with original primitive-futuristic-cosmic collages by Studio Shitless. Printed inner sleeve featuring an essay by Ed Baxter and a 1982 low-orbit interview by Narki Brillians from Teen Arts magazine. Label based on a original idea by Clive Graham.

  Edition limited to 265 private copies.

Cat. number: WEX 013
Year: 2010

LTD 265