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Gary WAR

New Raytheonport


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

New to Forte, SHDWPLY records has struck a rich vein of killer new US artists: limited and vinyl only for now, this is the Debut from Gary War, from Brooklyn NY. A one-man phantasmagoria of swooshing spectral pop. Somewhere over the Black Moth Super Rainbow, he spins gaseous cobwebs of eldritch bubblegum. While the hauntology's ghost hunters in the U.K. look to library music and vintage soundtracks, he pinches from the "dense, ponderous soporific mass" of '70s FM sound, to borrow Howard Hampton's description. Like Ariel Pink, War drenches exaggerated melodies in a glutinous bath of effects, melting them to crumbs afloat in the balmy breeze. He also plays in the Super Vacations, whose slimmed-down, straight-cut jingle-jangle shimmies where his tunes waft… review from LA Weekly show at THE SMELL Written, preformed and recorded By GARY WAR on a TASCAM 488. Easy RIYL stuff is Ariel Pink, but this orbits on its own..oh yes..
Cat. number: shd none
Year: 2008

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