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Pangalactic Performer - excerpt 1
Pangalactic Performer - excerpt 2
Pangalactic Performer - excerpt 3
Pangalactic Performer - excerpt 4
Pangalactic Performer - excerpt 5
Pangalactic Performer - excerpt 6

John Mills-Cockell

Pangalactic Performer (3CD Box)

Label: Artoffact

Format: 3CD Box

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Canadian synthesizer wizard John Mills-Cockell is proud to present a 3CD boxset collecting his classic albums Heartbeat, A Third Testament, and Gateway. The anthology includes the final studio recordings of Syrinx including an exciting unreleased single Marigolds. Collectors will enjoy an entire lost album of incredible studio recordings entitled Neon Accelerando and the long-awaited theme to A Stationary Ark.
Founding member and composer for Intersystems and Syrinx, John Mills-Cockell continues his story by releasing his most famous works of the 1970’s on Toronto-based Artoffact Records. The deluxe 3CD boxset is Pangalactic Performer.
The collection includes remasters of his original 70’s compositions, a 60-page booklet with liner notes by Grammy winning journalist Rob Bowman, cover art reproductions, and exclusive photos by Art Usherson. This is an essential piece of Canadian electronic music history. It is the definitive collection of Mills-Cockell’s solo work and perfect for fans of analogue synthesizers and 1970’s prog rock.
Cat. number: AOF366
Year: 2019

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