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    Prototype plus Garagetracks

    Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

    Format: CDx2

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    This 2CD-Set is a deluxe trifold-reissue of the previously released 2-Lp on VOD-Records (VOD51). It furthermore contains 4 extra-bonus-Tracks which have been released as Bonus 7“ to the 2nd Experimental Products Release on VOD plus one previously unreleased early Track called „Computer World“If you are a long time collector of 80s indie minimal synth looking to fill out your catalog
    or a novice interested in starting one up, there is no better place to start than with
    EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS. A synth duo from Philadelphia/Northern Delaware USA, members Mark Wilde and Michael Gross produced 8-track gear recordings, then had their music pressed to vinyl. In 1984 they released the 3 song 12" EP "Glowing in the Dark", 2000 copies.
    "Glowing" proved irresistible to DJs and became a 1985 dance club chart breakthrough.
    Today, many DJs and collectors consider it a "classic" synth record.
    2 years before "Glowing" they released a 10 song vinyl LP titled "PROTOTYPE", 300 copies. PROTOTYPE remained an obscure record until minimal synth collectors caught wind of it in the late 90s. PROTOTYPE became a high priced bidding item whenever the rare vinyl showed up on E-Bay. It seems EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS had again produced what many collectors consider a "classic" 80s minimal synth record.VOD is now pleased to announce the re-issue of PROTOTYPE plus Garagetracks on CD
    Re-mastered by VOD from the original 1/4" master tapes, this re-issue has improved
    sonic quality not found on the original 1982 pressings.


    Own it now, experience it for yourself. PROTOTYPE plus the 5 Bonus-Tracks will be CD1 and the GARAGE TRACKS incl. a Live-Set from 1983 will be CD2.

    A "garage track" is described by M. Gross as a primitive to semi-pro sound recording not necessarily intended for public distribution. VOD now offers them to the synth loving public as CD and cheap alternative tot he already sold-out and sought-after Vinyl.
    GARAGE TRACKS contains 5 unreleased songs from 1985, all synth-drum machine,
    again produced with 8-track gear this time in a band spare bedroom. Anyone familiar with the band can expect more EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS brilliance. as well as six songs from a 1983 LIVE performance. There are live versions of 4 songs from PROTOTYPE, an unreleased song, and the song Mannequin from the "Glowing" EP.

    Also included on this set are 3 more Garage Tracks recorded during the Prototype recording sessions from 1981 which have been previously released as Bonus 7“ tot he original VOD51-member-edition

    Cat. number: VOD CD3
    Year: 2012
    Genre: Electronic
    ltd 500, heavy cardboard cover