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Best of 2018
Reidarin Sähköiset Kuvat - Excerpt
Best of 2018

Ake Andersson, Antero Honkanen

Reidarin Sähköiset Kuvat (LP)

Label: Svart

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Black vinyl, 500 copies. With liner notes by renowned musicologist and sound researcher Petri Kuljuntausta. Love Records (of Sperm fame) owner Otto Donner saw the commissioned work by electro-acoustic musicians Åke Andersson and Antero Honkanen, who in their daily life were sound technicians at the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation, and immediately wanted to produce an album of the project. The 1977 album, which has ended up a very costly collector’s item, hasn’t been reissued in any format until now.

With a production style owing to the formative works made a few hundred kilometers away at EMS in Stockholm, this set is rife with ghostly voices & errant, floating, bubbling electronics laid out in song-length nuggets, with occasional détournement into "Song of the Second Moon" -esque melodic figures and rhythmic filigree (Keith Fullerton Whitman)

Cat. number: SRE129
Year: 2018

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