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J.D. Emmanuel

Solid Dawn

Label: KVIST

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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JD Emmanuel's privately-pressed 1979 album Wizards accumulated a cult following through the early part of this decade, culminating with a vinyl reissue by Bread and Animals in 2006, which quickly sold out. Influenced by the organ works of Terry Riley and the kosmische school of Krautrock, and rendered with a uniquely personal warmth, Emmanuel's work stands out as something singular in the world of early basement electronics. Solid Dawn collects material from long out-of-print tapes, remastered for the first time, with participation from the artist at every stage. Featuring liner notes and photographs by Mr. Emmanuel, this is an essential release for anyone interested in the history of underground electronic music.
Cat. number: 004
Year: 2009
Ltd. edition of 500 in gatefold sleeve