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Stealth - excerpt 1
Stealth - excerpt 2
Stealth - excerpt 3
Stealth - excerpt 4
File under: Ambient


Stealth (Lp)

Label: EM Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Stealth” is the aptly-titled debut album from Tokyo-based composer/producer Takao. Gliding in under the radar with thirteen slyly sweet and subtle miniatures, these pieces are refreshing light-explosions of gentle harmony and modestly grand melodies. Fans of New Age and tonal minimalism will enjoy this music, but its brevity reveals a pop-influenced aesthetic as well, and the level of care and detail in the arrangements and recording evinces a nuanced, surprisingly mature sensibility. There’s a blossoming brightness and elegant simplicity that even calls to mind gentle ghosts of Satie and Debussy.
File under: Ambient
Cat. number: EM 1180LP
Year: 2019