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Label: Modern Love

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Modern Love debut from Rainer Veil, a 5-track/25 minute EP extending from hazy Jungle formations to blissed-out, bass-heavy/woodblock pop atmospherics. Limited pressing - initial copies on transparent wax* Rainer Veil are Liam Morley and Dan Valentine, two friends who met while studying contemporary music in the north of England. The pair began improvising and making drones before incorporating a broader palette and forming Rainer Veil. 'Struck' is their first EP and debut for Modern Love and includes recordings made over the last year, extending from the re-wired Jungle ruckus of the title track to the more emotive formation of 'Wade In' and 'Bala', through to the hazy closer 'Yield'. There's a melancholy pop pulsing at the heart of these tracks, coloured by a love of electronic mutations from UKG and Hardcore rave to House and Techno, most evident in the unusual recording process undertaken while constructing the EP. Each track was re-worked from radically different first drafts, often starting life as more recognisable and structured songs before being dismantled into more abstract shapes: percussion degraded and layered, vocals fed through analog delays, samples reworked at the wrong speed and re-sampled to tape for added warmth: the narrative all mixed up.(BOOMKAT)

Cat. number: Love083
Year: 2013