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Sugar tip


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Last winter, when BLOODYMINDED was preparing to go on tour in the U.K., I was put in contact with Lee Stokoe, who was touring at the same time as us, under the name Inseminoid, with George Proctor of Mutant Ape. Not only was Lee beyond accommodating about letting us piggyback on the Inseminoid/Fecalove tour, but he was kind enough to also drive us around the U.K. for several days. I returned to the States with a thick stack of Culver CDs, which took some time to get through. I was most pleased that I enjoyed the music on the CDs as much as I enjoyed meeting and spending time with Lee, himself. After hearing more and more Culver recordings, as well as a few excellent psychedelic/noise CDs by Stokoe's band Marzuraan, I was convinced that I needed to release something by him. "Sugar Tip" is that thing, packaged in handsome collage artwork created by Stokoe for this release. One of the main things that I have noticed about this CD is that it feels like the air gets sucked out of the room when I listen to it. While it is far denser and more complex a sound than Damion Romero's work, the two share the odd ability to move air around with sound in a fairly unsettling way. "Sugar Tip" is definitely heavier than drone, but it is definitely not simple harsh noise. I might refer to it as blackened psychedelic noise. Oh, and do not forget that this guy plays in Skullflower, these days, too.
Cat. number: b! 121
Year: 2009

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