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Florian Hecker

Sun Pandamonium

Label: Pan

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Deluxe first vinyl edition of this iconic modern masterpiece, limited to 800 copies, pressed on 140g vinyl and packaged with six monochrome lacquered sheets housed in silk-screened PVC sleeve with original artwork by Tina Frank and Florian Hecker** Originally released n 2003, Hecker's 3rd album release, 'Sun Pandämonium' received the Award of Distinction Digital Music at the Prix Ars Electronica festival the same year. Mastered for vinyl by Rashad Becker at Berlin's D&M, it now forms part of Pan's crucial vinyl series. In reviews of it from the time of release, you'll find many, many adjectives invariably describing it as "sickening", "vomit-inducing" or "overwhelming" to name a few, but we'd say it's best summed up as visceral, both in the affective sense, and the most literal, pertaining to the organs in the cavities of the body. His extremely dynamic compositions attack from a bewildering range of angles with a psychoacoustic sound design intended to stimulate the most sensitive regions of the inner ear, which may well induce nauseating effects in the untrained or casual listener, but those with a strong stomach/set of lugs will no doubt find exhilarating.

Sun Pandamonium

It's almost like the aural equivalent of DMT, where vivid shapes and patterns are revealed to the user with a mysteriously innate organisation as the result of many refinement processes. Hecker's intensely detailed and academic processes here reveal purely artificial, computer-created sounds in an advanced display of truly forward-thinking sonic acrobatics and alien timbres whose effect is as breathtaking as the most potent psychedelics, yet without any of the side effects (well, actually we can't prove that last bit!). ESSENTIAL purchase!!! (Boomkat)


Cat. number: PAN 15
Year: 2011
Deluxe Vinyl edition limited to 800 copies, pressed on 140g vinyl and comes in a poly- lined inner sleeve. It is packaged with six monochrome lacquered sheets which are housed in a silk screened PVC sleeve with the original artwork.

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