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One Sound Duo

The way becoming

Label: Tide Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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One Sound Duo is a project by Claudio Ricciardi, once a member of the historical band Prima Materia, and by double bass player Orlando Lostumbo. They have chosen this name precisely because their work originates from the interaction of two successfully connected minds that give birth to a unique sound. They manage to do so by putting together creativity, intuition, and by playing on acoustics derived from particular instruments such as the spacedrum. Similar to the steel drum, the spacedrum is attuned to certain precise scales with only (in the case of the one played by Ricciardi) eight notes, harmonically linked and not separable, that produce resonances and reverberations that recall tolling bells. Moreover, Ricciardi is a talented didgeridoo player, as he proves well in Terrestrial Core, while in the fading The Voice in the Room he goes back to the Prima Materia’s period with his proverbial harmonic chant.
Synths, digital sounds and effects enhance an already rich experience, especially the electric upright bass played by Lostumbo, that gives any sound a typical abyssal depth. One could think that this is the result of a series of well-studied compositions, but most of it is actually improvisation: the sound’s ritual beauty grows and evolves spontaneously, in the course of the way – and that is the reason of a title such as “The Way Becoming”. In the beginning Ricciardi and Lostumbo do not know exactly what direction their sound would take, but they inevitably recognize the path at the end of the way. And in the end their path is really a great hearing, intense, and inspired.  (Gino Dal Soler, Blow Up)


"An eloquent, complex and eclectic album where semi-electronic patterns are melted with timbral acoustic dynamics in a very groovy, stylish and sometimes otherworldly mood." Igloo Magazine

Cat. number: OSD_WB
Year: 2015

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