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CM von Hausswolff

There are no crows flying around the hancock building

Label: LAMPO

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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In August 2003, Lampo invited Swedish artist CM von Hausswolff to do a project specific to Chicago. Intrepid traveler that he is, Hausswolff ascended to the top of the 100-story John Hancock Building and collected sounds from the open-air observation deck. While taking in the sights, he recorded building vibrations, passing breezes and overheard speech from tourists. Later, in his Stockholm studio, he added a series of feedback rotations to suggest crows (guardians or enemies?) encircling the conceptual tower. The result is this belching, super dense, low-end drone work. Hausswolff's new piece is his rumination on security and paranoia. What makes us safe? Is it better to dwell in a cave or in a skyscraper penthouse? Could be another lecture on sound and architecture. We hear a secret gastrointestinal message.
Cat. number: Lampo 001
Year: 2005