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CM von Hausswolff

split LP

Label: Bocian Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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A split album by two masters of 'loud drone music' with an entirely electronic background. Piotrowicz already surprised us with 'Lasting Clinamen' on CD (see review in Vital Weekly 621), and this is now continued with 'Clinamen 3', also recorded using analog modular synthesizer. He plays what seems a loud, looped drone (no doubt repeated within the machine), which is piercingly loud at the start, but just like his great CD, he knows how to create a subtle piece music after that. It grows and it grows with some great lingering intensity. More complex than the CD release, this is simply another great piece of music.

On the other side we find Carl Micheal von Hauswolff, who always impresses me with his conceptual approaches. The first of the two pieces was made for an installation using loops of sound corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. Some high pierced static sounds move over into a very low (but not silent) dark rumble. I guess there is some connection to colors and herz waves here, which I no doubt fail to see, but its surely a strange piece of music. The second piece has the sound of people talking and I am to believed, through the press text, that these voices are from the galleries in which the work was presented - faint traces are apparent. Like many other works of Von Hauswolff this leaves the listener puzzled behind, but you can simply also be amazed over the beautiful quality of the music. I did. I may not understand the concepts behind it, but I can see/hear the beauty of the works.

Cat. number: BC 02LP
Year: 2011

Track 1 A performed on modular sythesiser, recorded in February 2010 , mixed and mastered in April 2010
Thanks to: Anna Zaradny and Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz

Track 1 B recorded and mixed at Extra City, Antwerp, 2008, for Rainbow Audio Transformation/White.
thanks to Mike Harding, Nico Dockx and Anselm Franke.

Track 2 B recorded in Warsaw and Stockholm, 2009.
Mixed at The Castle, Stockholm, 2010.
thanks to Lukasz Szalankiewicz.


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