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Melodnie - excerpt 1
Melodnie - excerpt 2
Melodnie - excerpt 3
Melodnie - excerpt 4

Jerzy Mazzoll, Jerzy Przezdziecki

Melodnie (LP)

Label: Bocian Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Jerzy Mazzoll is a key figure of polish music over last twenty years. He is a bass clarinet virtuoso that goes deep into the tradition of Polish improvisers and contemporary music composers of the mid-twentieth century. He played in many bands such as Arhythmic Perfection, Pieces of Brain, Mazzoll & Arhythmic Memory. He cooperated, among others with musicians such as Roscoe Mitchell, Greg Fox, Django Bates, Peter Brotzmann, Jon Dobie, Alfred Harth, Peter Kowald, Vytutas Labutis, Jeffrrey Morgan, Tony Oxley, Olga Szwajgier and Tomasz Stańko.
Jerzy Przeździecki is an electronics producer. He successfully performs at contemporary music festivals such as Warsaw Autumn or in clubs presenting techno music. Music has no limits for him. He cooperates with pianist Andrzej Karałow but also with other electronic music producers such as Jacek Sienkiewicz (Tumult Hands). Recently, performing improvised music in duets with virtuoso of classical instruments, he significantly reduces his impressive music setup by limiting itself to simple sound generators. He stays away from the beaten formulas and surprises with his sound. The most important thing for him is improvisation, from which the essence of the musical structure emerges.
Artistic experiences of these two made up the template for this kind of music , which is governed by its own rules and uses all possible means to achieve a goal. On Melodnie their sound is firmly anchored in the aesthetics of contemporary compositions, free or noise.

Cat. number: BCJ2PM
Year: 2019

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