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Warner Jepson

Totentanz and other electronic works 1958-1973


Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

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by far the most anticipated early-electronic music reissue around these parts since it was announced a year or so back ; this double-disc collection of just about everything by bay-area outsider / composer warner (ne “warren”) jepson, including his totemic (... and previously creel pwned) lp “totentanz”. what we do get here : a bunch of amazing bedroom-lineage electro-acoustic experiments dating back to 1958 (!!!) - most invoking mysterious bleep-infused landscapes with tons of psychedelic organ (played on an instrument hand-painted by bruce conner !!!) & tape mangling, prepared piano / strings & a few fairly harsh early/primitve synth-stunners done on the buchla @ mills & the experimental television center ... these lead up to the album’s centerpiece ; the full 35-minute “totentanz” (Mimaroglu)
Disc 1. Bugs at Large (1967). Blood Knot (1970). Skate Date (1970). Laughrer After (1958). Rirlwa (1970). Good Humor MAn (1967). Jacks (1967). Jail Gate Crazy (1958). Splace (1967). Totentanz (1967). Disc 2. The Dog (1970). For Trying Out Loud (1958). The Big Purr (1958). The Awakening (1968). See is Never All The Way Up (1973). Disc 1. Tracks 1, 6, 7, 9 are from Tullium, the score to David William's environmental sculpture, Hansen-Fuller gallery, 1967. Track 2 is from the score for Blood Knot; American Conservatory Theatre 1970. Track 10 is the complete score for Totentanz, a ballet by Carlos Carvajal 1967. Disc 2. track 4 is the score for The Awakening, a ballet by Carlos Carvajal 1968. Track 5 is the score for the Roarty video See is Never All The Way Up, National Center for Experiments in Television (Kqed) 1973. Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios, San Francisco, CA, 2008.
Cat. number: Melon 005
Year: 2008