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James Tenney

James Tenney (1934–2006) was born in Silver City, New Mexico, and grew up in Arizona and Colorado, where he received his early training as a pianist and composer. He was a pioneer in the field of electronic and computer music, working with Max Mathews and others at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in the early 1960s to develop programs for computer sound-generation and composition.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Spectrum Pieces James Tenney Spectrum Pieces NEW WORLD RECORDS 80692-2 Compositional CD 14.50    
Forms 1-4 James Tenney Forms 1-4 HAT HUT RECORDS ART 1272 Compositional Form CDx2 18.00    
Postal Pieces James Tenney Postal Pieces NEW WORLD RECORDS 80612 Compositional Form CDx2 23.50    
Melody, Ergodicity and Indeterminacy James Tenney Melody, Ergodicity and Indeterminacy Mode 185 Electronic CD 16.50    
Harmonium James Tenney Harmonium NEW WORLD RECORDS 80803-2 Compositional CD 13.50  
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Having Never Written a Note for Percussion James Tenney - Rrose Having Never Written a Note for Percussion FURTHER RECORDS FUR 099LP Electronic LP 14,90  
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Sonatas & Interludes John Cage - James Tenney Sonatas & Interludes HAT HUT RECORDS hat(now)ART 152 Compositional Form CD 16,50  
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James Tenney: Selected Works 1961- 1969 James Tenney James Tenney: Selected Works 1961- 1969 NEW WORLD RECORDS 80570 Electronic CD 15.00  
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