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Works for String Quartet and Percussion

Label: New World Records

Format: CD

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"The evolution of the string quartet repertory has accelerated during the last half of the twentieth-century and beyond as composers from both the mainstream and the avant-garde have mined its seemingly inexhaustible creative resources. This CD features the virtually unprecedented combination of string quartet and percussion. It contains three works by prominent American experimentalist composers from several generations exploring the ensemble's unique sonic resources in diverse stylistic settings, each with its own original approach to musical form. A 'whim-wham' is a 'fanciful or fantastic notion or object.' In Frederic Rzewski's 'Whimwhams' (1993) the 'fanciful' occurs within a pre-conceived formal design. The formal structure in 'Whimwhams' provides time units, 'empty containers' for the free play of the composer's imagination, which yield striking successions of musical moments, each with its own distinctive identity. In James Tenney's Cognate Canons (1993) the canons occur between the percussion and the string quartet. The durations of the two canonic 'voices' are related by a series of proportions, creating the effect of simultaneous tempi, which Nancarrow used in his player piano music. Zeena Parkins describes 's:c:a:t:t:e:r:i:n:g' (2012) thusly: 'Flickering sound and shifting colors subvert the linear. 's:c:a:t:t:e:r:i:n:g' is composed of ten movements, evolving things, and objets sonores that acquire a modulated presence through accumulation. Resonance piles up and is dispersed by the 'scatterers' as they journey within conditions of motion and stasis."

Cat. number: NW 80740CD
Year: 2013