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Werner Durand

Composer, instrument builder and performer based in Berlin. His interest encompasses many musical traditions: he performs his own music for saxophones, iranian ney, and self-made wind instruments since the late seventies. He studied with Ariel Kalma in Paris, La Monte Young in New York, Indian classical music in India and Berlin (with Kamalesh Maitra) and Iranian ney with Ali Reza Asgharia. His personal, mininalist style is characterized by the rich layers, textures and rhythmic effects he achieves using digital delays.

Member of Orchestra Of Excited Strings, Werner Durand, BORN OF SIX, Urban Sax, Tonaliens
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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Schwingende Luftsäulen Werner Durand Schwingende Luftsäulen ANTS AG15 Experimental CD 12.00    
Propellers In Love LP Arnold DREYBLATT - Orchestra Of Excited Strings Propellers In Love LP SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV117 Electronic LP 19.90    
Spiral (lp) Urban Sax Spiral (lp) WAH WAH RECORDS LPS155 Electronic LP 19.70    
Urban Sax 2 (lp) Urban Sax Urban Sax 2 (lp) WAH WAH RECORDS LPS153 Psych LP 19.70    
 Live In Pori 1984 Urban Sax Live In Pori 1984 Urban Noisy Record ektro-123 Electronic LP 21,90    
 Hornbread Werner Durand - Victor MEERTENS Hornbread SOLAR IPSE SI 03 Electronic CD 8    
The art of buzzing (Excuse the delay vol.1) Werner Durand The art of buzzing (Excuse the delay vol.1) X-TRACT x-t 2004 Electronic 15    
Tonaliens (2Lp) Tonaliens Tonaliens (2Lp) Edition Telemark 785.02 Compositional LPx2 29.90  
Out of stock
Diasporagas Werner Durand - Amelia CUNI Diasporagas Edition Telemark 628.02 Experimental LP 17.90  
Out of stock
Fraction Sur Le Temps Urban Sax Fraction Sur Le Temps WAH WAH RECORDS LPS154 Electronic LP 19.70  
Out of stock
Urban Sax 1 Urban Sax Urban Sax 1 WAH WAH RECORDS LPS152 Electronic LP + Dvd + Inserts 21.90  
Out of stock
Hemispheres Werner Durand Hemispheres BLUME 001 Electronic LP 17.90  
Out of stock
Svapiti BORN OF SIX Svapiti IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC 387CD Electronic CD 13.50  
Out of stock
Already awake in the night Werner Durand - Amelia CUNI Already awake in the night INI.ITU ini.itu 1003 Electronic 13.50  
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Remnants From Paradise Werner Durand Remnants From Paradise ABSURD absurd # 69 Electronic CD deluxe 13.00  
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