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A Stone For Angus Maclise (LP)

Label: PELT

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Recorded during the same home blasts that produced Dauphin Elegies (VHF 112), this 2007 trio session for harmonium, singing bowl, gong and esraj is one of the most ecstatic recordings in Pelt's vast oeuvre. Like the legendary poet/musician for whom this album is named, Pelt have never gotten hung up on the epistemology of drones. The generation of meditative trance states is as valid when produced by Roscoe Holcomb's banjo as by La Monte Young's well-tuned piano. Hints of both lurk deep in the wells of sound Pelt produces. Two side-long slabs of aural bliss. Best heard behind a few bowls of your very best kif. Edition of 500 with stickered cover and insert.
Cat. number: PELT 001LP
Year: 2010

Recorded March 2007 at home in Ironto, VA.
Silver foil sticker cover with insert.
Limited edition of 500 copies.

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