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Agente 3S3 Massacro al Sole - Excerpt 1
Agente 3S3 Massacro al Sole - Excerpt 2

Piero Umiliani

Agente 3S3 Massacro al Sole

Label: Digitmovies

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Agente 3s3 Massacro al Sole was directed by Sergio Sollima in 1966, the sequel to the previous year's Agente 3s3 passaporto per l'inferno. Starring Giorgio Ardisson, Frank Wolff, Evi Marando and Fernando Sancho, it's the story of Colonel Ross, an American sent to the small republic of San Felipe where a world-renowned scientist is conspiring with police officier Radek and General Siquerios to conquer the world. Piero Umiliani, surely among the most talented musicians to score a spy movie, was always at the top of his game when composing for mystery and action movies. Here he created a score that brings us right back to the magical atmosphere of a wonderful decade, with Bond-style themes arranged for symphonic orchestra and two vocal numbers performed by the gorgeous Orietta Berti, making for a highly charismatic soundtrack. Previously unreleased in any form, this soundtrack is now available as a limited edition CD in our classical collector release series (CDCR), with mastering by Enrico De Gemini, 12-page booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi and liner notes by Fabio Babini.

Cat. number: CDCR131
Year: 2016

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