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Alt i Stykker - excerpt 1
Alt i Stykker - excerpt 2
Alt i Stykker - excerpt 3
Alt i Stykker - excerpt 4

Peter Jørgensen

Alt i Stykker (LP)

Label: No Technique

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Danish composer and sound artist Peter Jørgensen’s new album Alt I Stykker continues a trajectory into an expansive and highly personal sound-world. A remarkable series of compositions hewn from a multi-faceted mirroring of musical elements and life events. Alt I Stykker (All in Pieces) resonates perfectly as a title of his three new works. It hints at the emotional turbulence of their genesis and their passage into being through a rich complement of approaches and collaborators. This album furthers Jørgensen’s continuing evolution as a composer by both delving deeper into and augmenting processes explored on 2014’s full-length release Gold Beach. A key album in his oeuvre, it represented a move away from computer-oriented sound-works in favour of acoustic instrumentation and snapshots of improvisation. Alt I Stykker broadens this palette with the classically trained voices of Anna Caroline Olesen and Morten Grove Frandsen. The pieces are additionally unified by a conscious intention to explore melody as a compositional element. Originally scored for small ensemble, Alt I Stykker features contributions from Zelienople’s Mike Weis (drums) and fellow composer Johan Carøe (synths), alongside Nicole Hogstrand (cello), Pauline Hogstrand (viola) and Claus Højensgaard (trumpet). This close-knit unit of musicians allowed individual contributions to spontaneously evolve whilst interweaving with Jørgensen’s composition. These works coalesced thematically through a live performance at Copenhagen’s Frederik's Church in late 2018, a tribute and lament which explored the aftermath of loss. Although a deeply personal album, Alt I Stykker transcends its origins to provide succor through the emotional conviction and honesty with which it is executed.


Peter Jørgensen is a sound artist and film composer based in Denmark. Having studied with composers Ture Larsen and Karsten Fundal, his work continues to blur the boundaries between the genres of neo-classical, ambient and drone. His approach to sound is focused in exploring compositional methodologies, intermeshing tightly scored classical elements with spontaneous and structured improvisation. His pieces have been performed by the Copenhagen Art Ensemble. He has also written scores for documentaries and short features. His recorded work has been released globally on a range of labels including Monotype Records, Under the Spire and Low Point.

Cat. number: NTQ005
Year: 2019

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