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Ancient Leaves - excerpt 1
Ancient Leaves - excerpt 2
Ancient Leaves - excerpt 3
Ancient Leaves - excerpt 4

Michael Stearns

Ancient Leaves (LP)

Label: Infinite Fog Productions

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


In process of stocking. Infinite Fog Productions is glad to announce this vinyl edition of Michael StearnsAncient Leaves, one of the most important ambient reissues on the year and a pure gem of early ambient music.
Michael Stearns is an ambient music composer and performer, film composer, sound designer and soundtrack producer for theatrical films, documentaries, large format films, commercials and themed attractions. His award winning scores to Ron Fricke’s non-verbal global film masterpieces Chronos, Baraka and Samsara have played to audiences around the world. Michael’s music has been used by Laserium, NASA, and choreographed by the Berkshire Ballet. Through his soundtrack production company, Michael Stearns Productions, he has created the soundtracks to Universal’s Back To The Future, The Ride and Paramount’s Star Trek, The Experience.


In 1975, Michael moved from Tucson to Los Angeles to study with Emilie Conrad at the Continuum Studio. Emilie had ‘live’ music for her ‘movement meditation’ classes, and Michael began performing with Fred Stofflet, Gary David, and Don Preston. Ancient Leaves was Michael’s first album, recorded in 1976/77 with a Mini Moog synthesizer and a Finnish lap harp (Kantele) onto a 4-track tape.
To the other instruments, Michael added Emilie chanting, an ascending choir with vocalists Susan Harper and Linda Olsen, Gregorian Chants and a night ambience recorded in the desert outside of Tucson, Arizona, his hometown. The album was initially released on LP and cassette.
The piece on Side B, Elysian E was performed with an Arp String Ensemble played through one of the first digital delays - an MXR - and then slowed to half speed. To this basic recording, he also added Moog and EML synthesizers, The Beam and his voice.

Cat. number: IF-93LP
Year: 2019

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