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File under: OrganicAmbient

Benoit Pioulard, From Overseas

Anon 2 (LP)

Label: Past Inside the Present

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

*300 copies * These tracks came to life in April 2020 after reading a poem by Charles Baudelaire called ‘Rêve Parisien’ (Parisian Dream) in his book of poetry ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ (Flowers of Evil). I was really focused on the theme of Dreams and this poem spoke to me when the world was experiencing a first global lockdown with these surreal big ghost cities. This side is therefore called ‘Rêve’." - From Overseas

"These pieces were composed in July of 2020, just as it was becoming clear that lockdown would probably last at least the rest of the year.. recording has always been a good way of side-stepping stress for me, and quieting the doom thought cycle, hence the suite title 'Silencer'." - Benoît Pioulard


Two artists that have previously released works on Past Inside the Present come together for this anonymous split album.

With this record we want listeners to go in blind, without ego or expectation, with the sole focus on what truly matters: the music. The artists will remain anonymous until the vinyl sells out and then we will reveal all.

File under: OrganicAmbient
Cat. number: PITP-V035
Year: 2021

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