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Best of 2018
Bazuinschal - excerpt
Best of 2018


Bazuingeschal (Lp)

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Edition of 300. One night, a few years ago, Danish saxophonist Mette Rasmussen blew so extremely hard on her instrument that Dennis Tyfus –– in bed in Belgium, fending off animals in his sleep – woke up with permanent ear and brain damage.
Sometime later, Rasmussen travelled to Belgium to record with the afflicted Tyfus. The result is a fruit cake, kneaded with the bloodied hands of a butcher. It sounds like a room but it's pitted with chewy rubber, spat onto a cassette recorder that is playing and recording at the same time whilst Lisa Simpson grins and presses a tiny yellow foot on the tape. It's 'free' and it's 'jazz', like a steamed-up window in a car park toilet.
Cat. number: UE218
Year: 2018

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