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Byron Coley, Dennis TYFUS

Days Of Plasma, Nights Of Drink

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: BOOK

In stock


Nicely presented collaboration work from gonzo rock writer Byron Coley and Belgium art savant Dennis Tyfus: Byron contributes a buncha long-form autobiographical poems about living on the west coast as a kid, selling plasma to live, sleeping in trees, stomping on cop cars and drinking rum at punk shows while Tyfus presents a buncha glossy reproductions of visions of low-life hell and general bum-dom. Pretty great. 20 pages, edition of 200 copies, on matt and glossy paper stock (Volcanic Tongue)

"For years i've thought these poems were already written, as Byron told me about them when i visited the Yod Space in Florence some years back. I can perfectly remember hearing about Byron selling plasma to be able to get fried, Byron living in a tree because he was kicked out of his shared apartment as he pissed on his roommate's sister, Byron working at Micky d's, Byron meeting Mariel Hemmingway and a mountain of other disrupting tales. It turned out these poems were not written until the night before the presentation of this book at stadslimiet in antwerp on august 19th of 2013." D.T.

Cat. number: UE 104
Year: 2013