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aaron dilloway lucrecia dalt - de nor 2020 - 11 the monster of yesa
agnes hvizdalek - de nor 2020 - 03 last sunday
ben bertrand - de nor 2020 - 13 homework 44
c.o.p. - de nor 2020 - 16 how to write an acceptance speech
david edren - de nor 2020 - 10 ponemo
hiele - de nor 2020 - 02 young and joyful bandit
justine grillet - de nor 2020 - 05 kinnara
ka baird - de nor 2020 - 12 ebuza
lorie bevins - de nor 2020 - 15 ilana
lori goldston - de nor 2020 - 01 what you can hear from here
miaux - de nor 2020 - 14 zatvoren zatvor
nubots - de nor 2020 - 04 reality
possessed factory - de nor 2020 - 08 sven casaul edit
sami bergold - de nor 2020 - 07 eurotech 3
stacks - de nor 2020 - 09 memory
thurston moore - de nor 2020 - 06 schaduwreis
File under: Experimental


De Nor 2020 Antwerpen (2LP)

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: 2LP

Genre: Sound Art



* Custom gatefold sleeve * Extra special 25yr compilation featuring Heavyweights such as Thurston Moore, Aaron Dilloway, Lori Goldston (Earth), Miaux, Hiele + loads more... this is truly an essential document release!  Ultra Eczema celebrated its twenty-third birthday at home, alone: without Macaulay Culkin and without the traditional bacchanal. De Nor — a sculpture–pavilion in the grounds of the Middelheim Museum conceived and designed by Dennis Tyfus and FVWW Architecten, and a summer-long playground in peace time — had no choice but to free all its prisoners, even the jazz ones, and shut its gates. But the red beacon shall shine again! So please raise an overfilled glass to this deluxe vinyl edition featuring exclusive material by some of the artists who were booked to play there last summer — and some who weren’t. Three cheers to Lori Goldston! Hiele! Agnes Hvizdalek! Nubots! Justine Grillet! Thurston Moore! Sami Bergold! Possessed Factory! Stacks! David Edren! Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt! Ka Baird! Ben Bertrand! Miaux! Lorie Bevins! and C.O.P.!  In defiance of pandemic-era dress-down codes, this edition (which is limited to 600 copies) is bedecked in a hardcover linen sleeve with debossed lettering and peek-a-boo die-cuts behind which Marcel, De Nor’s legendary bartender, will carry on ignoring you for all eternity.

There is also a cut-out-and-fold De Nor paper sculpture by Gerard Herman on the insert!

File under: Experimental
Cat. number: UE300
Year: 2021

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