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Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Liles

Torch songs (2LP)

Label: Die Stadt

Format: LPx2

Genre: Sound Art

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Torch Songs is a collaboration between Jonathan Coleclough and Andrew Liles. They met in October 2004 when they both performed at Intergration 3 in Preston, UK. Liles subsequently reworked the recording of Coleclough's solo performance from that evening. He went on to add, subtract, multiply and divide further live recordings supplied by Coleclough, and the eventual result was this double LP. Torch Songs is packaged in a gatefold sleeve featuring 'I Dreamt I Was a River,' a poem composed and painted by Geoff Sawers during a performance with Coleclough in Geneva in March 2005. The sound of Geoff's brush painting this lettering can be heard on side B of Torch Songs. There is a special edition of Torch Songs (250 copies) which includes an additional CD of Coleclough's solo performance at Intergration 3, the basis for some of the music on Torch Songs. The album comes in a full color gatefold sleeve with full color inner sleeves in a limited edition of 500 copies. 180gr. vinyl."

Cat. number: DS 93
Year: 2007

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