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Here and Elsewhere - excerpt 1
Here and Elsewhere - excerpt 2
File under: DowntempoAmbient

Orchestra Terrestrial

Here and Elsewhere

Label: Die Stadt

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Leaving the rigid beats behind this time, Richard H. Kirk introduces a new alias through a new (for him) label. The first Orchestra Terrestrial release comes from Die Stadt and is packaged exquisitely with a fold-out CD case and six prints of digital artwork representing six of the eight songs here (three by Naked Art, three by Designers Republic). While Kirk has has contrasted his usual style by creating an atmospheric soundbath with lengthy delays heavily absent of drum machines and thumping beats, his signature style of long buildups, heavy repetition and lengthy songs is noticably present. For the first time in many releases, I can actually clearly hear distinct treatments for each sound present. Each piece of the tapestry has its own life and identity without getting wrapped up in a grey muddiness. In the blurb going around, Kirk is said to have created this disc after his recent rediscovery of classical composers like Wagner, Debussy and Mozart, but I'm honestly having a tough time finding the connection. The progression is amazingly linear: beginning with a whisper, slowly and patiently adding beats and more layers with each track until the end, where "Uniform Spaces" breaks down, being chopped up into little bits, threaded and looped.

File under: DowntempoAmbient
Cat. number: DS40
Year: 2001

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