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Der Graben - excerpt

Organum, The New Blockaders

Der Graben (7")

Label: Die Stadt

Format: 7"

Genre: Noise

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**Edition of 500** Der Graben ("The Ditch") is the "final" joint release by these two legendary noisemakers The New Blockaders and Organum, who have been collaborating for years. Or perhaps their collaborations all happened within a limited period of time, and these periodic releases have simply been documenting their work a few minutes at a time. Here they present two extremely short tracks, which may or may not be from their archive of collaborations. Sides A and B together total a mere 3 minutes in length, which makes this 7 inch mainly one for the collectors. The two pieces are filled with metallic scraping sounds and dissonant noise elements. The pieces are nice enough, but this release is more of a novelty than anything, just a few minutes of first class noise packaged in a nice black and white sleeve. - Richard di Santo

Cat. number: DS 45EP
Year: 2003

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