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Andrew Liles

Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy)

Label: Dirter Promotions

Format: CD+DVD

Genre: Electronic

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We are pleased to announce for the first time on a digital format the release of a dual disc expanded edition of the critically acclaimed LP 'Ouarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy)'. 'Ouarda' features contributions from amongst others - Danielle Dax, Rose McDowall and Edward Ka-Spel. Side one of this disc is an audio CD including an extra track and slightly remixed version of the LP. The other side of the disc is a DVD which includes : 'Ouarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy)', a film by Michael Tang with musical adaptations by Colin Potter. 'Old Tom's Marrow', a film by Andrew Liles. Also included are truly amazing 5.1 mixes by Freida Abtan of three tracks
Cat. number: DPROMCDVD68
Year: 2009

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