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Andrew Liles

Ouarda (the subtle art of phyllorhodomancy)

Label: Dirter Promotions

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Ouarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy) is currently only available as a double vinyl set with a view to release on cd-dvd at a later and as yet unspecified date. Andrew Liles' latest offering has taken nearly three years to hit the shelves and almost as long to create. Recorded in London, Paris, and Sicily, 'Ouarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy)' is a travelogue that refuses to stay stuck in any one place for any extended period. The music herein is as diverse as the array of guests involved - Danielle Dax, Maja Elliott, Rose McDowall, Karl Blake, Edward Ka-Spel and Volcano the Bear's Daniel Padden all contribute unique and stunning contributions. 'Ouarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy)' is a release of 600 copies on double L.P, three sides of music on dayglow coloured vinyl.
Cat. number: DPROMTLP 68
Year: 2008

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