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The Threats Of Memories - excerpt 1

Current 93, Nurse With Wound

The Threats Of Memories Double (5CD Box)

Label: Dirter Promotions

Format: 5CD Box

Genre: Electronic

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The Threat Of Memory 5CD box-set, by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet features all of Steven’s and David’s previously-issued recordings, made under their “Steven Stapleton & David Tibet” faces, on the first four of the CDs, as well as a fifth CD with previously unissued out-takes from the Musical Pumpkin Cottage recording sessions. It does not include the unissued out-take on Side 4 on Side 4 of The Threats Of Memories 2LP. It comes in a hinged box, with new artwork by Babs Santini on the CD’s individual sleeves as well as on the box’s cover with a booklet containing all credits and lyrics, and with Handwriting by David Tibet. The CDs were mastered by Andrew Liles, and the cover was designed by Ania Goszczyńska.
Cat. number: DPROMBX 141
Year: 2019

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